Kebaya Bleu
Classic Gift Set

By Supermama Store

$148.00 $160.00


Of Heritage, Ideals & Significance

Inspired by the traditional Southeast Asian batik motifs, Kebaya Bleu™ is a heritage mark meticulously created to reflect Singapore’s deep historical roots as part of the vast Malay Archipelago.

Traditionally made by a stamping technique or by a hand-drawn method known as "canting", the motifs and patterns are given a modern reinterpretation to reflect our forward-looking aspirations and ideals.

The floral motifs and botanical patterns intricately lined by dots are symbolic of the many distinct cultures being weaved as one. How different ethnicities coalesced into a single Singaporean identity is nothing short of a modern day cultural marvel.

This marks the birth of Kebaya Bleu™.

Each gift set consists of :
Blue 24cm Porcelain Piece
White 15cm Porcelain Piece


Each set comprises of :

    • 15cm Porcelain Plate
    • 24cm Porcelain Plate
    • Magnetic Cardboard Packaging Box 

Plate stands are sold separately.

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