2016/ Arita

Studio Wieki Somers
Flower Vase

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About 2016/ Arita Japan Studio Wieki Somers Series

Dutch Design Team Studio Wieki Somers have brought together the traditional industrial arts of Arita with innovative technology to create two modern tea sets. These new ranges found their genesis in the design team wanting to use the azure colour that has come to represent Arita-ware, as well as utilising the ceramic spraying techniques that have been handed down for generations.

They actively sought to incorporate the patterns and colours historically unique to Arita while at the same time drawing on the latest available technology to give creative birth to a collection, the likes of which have not been seen in the world of industrial arts.

2016/ Japan WS Flower Vase

Porcelain Flower Vase: 

  • Flower Vase φ 20.0cm x H 20.5cm

Porcelain, Made in Arita, Japan.

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