Nukumori Kubo | 2 Way Eco Bag

By Supermama Store


Based in Hamamatsu city, Nukumori Kubo specialises in the production of weaved cotton fabric roll. Their in-house label “Tsumugu” features a big collection of simple Japanese fabric designs and objects that can last and be loved for a long time. The “Tsumugu” collection harmonizes with modern life and adds a Japanese flair to your everyday living. Made with Enshu cotton in Hamamatsu city, each Enshu cotton is carefully weaved on a loom by craftsman where they can only produce a maximum of 40 meters in a day.

This bag can be used two ways with the short & Long strap. A functional pocket at the front can be used to store small items like wallets!

Material : 100% Cotton

Measurements: H35 x L30cm, Strap 24cm, Pocket opening 13.5cm

Made by Nukumori Kubo

Photos credit to Nukumori Kubo


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