Sasaki Kogei - premics Card Case

By Supermama Store


The smooth form just fits in the palm of your hand, so it will relieve the tense atmosphere of your business. 

Although it uses mill ends, it is a luxury product that cuts out a single lump of wood, the so-called “solid wood”, for each product. 

Because there is no seam, the beautiful grain extends comfortably without interruption, creating a texture that feels like a piece of wood. The brand name, which is clearly engraved with laser printing, accents it, wiping out the noisy nature often associated with wooden products.

The small magnet attached to the inside of the lid is a “neo magnet” with a strong magnetic force.



Cherry (light brown), Walnut (dark brown)



W105 × D76 × T18mm



Cherry/Walnut Wood, Urethane paint

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