Singapore Icons - HDB

By Supermama Collections : Singapore Icons

The Housing Development Board (HDB) flats are aptly chosen by Singaporean designer, Chang Shian Wei as a Singapore Icon. The motifs depict the different exterior views of a typical HDB flat; the common corridors, a facade of kitchen windows and a close-up of a room. With more than 80% of the Singapore population staying in HDB flats, it is indeed one of the most recognised icons in the city. This design is part of the inaugural collection of Singapore Icons by Supermama to be accorded the President's Design Award, Singapore.


Each set comprises of  

    • 15cm Porcelain Small Plate
    • 10.5cm Porcelain Sauce Dish
    • 4.5cm Porcelain Chopstick Rest
    • Packaging Box

Designed by Chang Shian Wei

Made in Arita, Japan
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