Breathing Batik II (15cm)
Breathing Batik II (15cm)
Breathing Batik II (15cm)
Breathing Batik II (15cm)
Breathing Batik II (15cm)
Breathing Batik II (15cm)
Breathing Batik II (15cm)
Breathing Batik II (15cm)

Breathing Batik II (15cm)



Breathing Batik II is commissioned as part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations of SG Enable. It is an extension of the Breathing Batik I collection, first launched at Salone Milano during the Milan Design Week 2022 in partnership with Singapore design and lifestyle store, Supermama.

This iteration continues to celebrate the artistic talents of persons with disabilities from six different social service agency partners by weaving elements of their artwork into a batik motif.

Featuring Artists from:

  • Delta Senior School
  • Eden School
  • Metta Welfare Association
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore)
  • Rainbow Centre

About the Design

Breathing Batik II is brought to you by i'mable Collective, an initiative by SG Enable to develop a viable market for quality merchandise created with persons with disabilities.

Breathing Batik II embodies the spirit of inclusion through co-designing to create enterprise opportunities that energise inclusive communities and bring about social impact with Supermama's Singapore Blue Porcelain Collection.

Each set comprises of :

    • 15cm Porcelain Plate
    • Product Write-Up
    • Premium Packaging Box
    • An Acrylic Plate Stand

Quality Of Product:

Porcelain is a medium where colour variation is a natural occurring feature of reactive, speckled, matte and cobalt-blue glazed finishing. Irregularities in glaze and texture should be celebrated as a mark of the artist's hand. Therefore, each piece is unique and has a handcrafted element to it.


  • Microwave & Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Japan