Supermama works with many designers and makers based in Asia.
Here are the 9 Japan craft facilities and makers who have worked with us.

KIHARA INC. - Porcelain
KIHARA INC. is a Japanese porcelain brand based in Akasaka, Arita-Cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga Prefecture in Japan. With more than 400 years of porcelain making history to its name, KIHARA is dedicated to its endeavour in seeking out new and innovative ways to bring Arita Porcelain to greater heights. Notable works include the "Singapore Icons" collection, produced in collaboration with Supermama which was awarded the President's Design Award, Singapore. 

MARUJU LTD. - Fabric

Founded in 1928, Maruju Ltd. is a fabric company that specialises in design, printing, fabrication and processing (conditioning) of textile materials such as linen and cotton. Maruju Ltd. is located in Nagoya, Kita-Ku, Aichi Prefecture in Japan. With access to a network of textile making operations within the region, Maruju is a fabric producer and valued partner for anyone who is thinking of textile-related production. 

Shotoku Glass Co Ltd - Glass
Established in 1922, Shotoku Glass was once a manufacturer of glass for light bulbs. Not willing to be overtaken by pressures of the market forces, Shotoku developed a new product type, ultra-think drinking glasses that left many in awe. Shotoku has since been known for its niche technique in the design and production of fine glass of all kinds. 

Okadaya Shikki Co Ltd - Lacquerware
Okadaya Shikki is a lacquerware studio into its third generation. Based in the Ishikawa Prefecture at the heart of the "Lacquerware District", Okadaya aims to make the Japanese and even people outside of Japan fall in love once again with this very traditional Japanese craft. 

Chushin Kobo - Casted Iron
Chushin-Kobo specialises in iron-casting. As one of the few iron casting facilities still preserving in its trade in Yamagata Prefecture, Chushin-Kobo's approach to be traditional craft is refreshing and its belief, enduring i.e for traditional crafts to be passed on to future generations, artisans must design practical, refined and modern objects.

Duomo Co Ltd - Embroidery
Duomo Co., Ltd is an embroidery facility based in Kyoto, Japan. With its first shop located at the famous Gion district in Kyoto, Duomo introduces its embroideries to consumers through different object types ranging from Tabi Socks, Purses, Scarfs and even Iron-on Embroideries. Its interface with consumers and international tourists has enabled Duomo to always be on the forefront of its product development endeavours. 

Legnatec - Wood Furniture
Founded in 1964 in Morodomi, Saga Prefecture, Legantec is a furniture manufacturer. Legantec strives to be innovative, flexible and adaptive and has a good inventory of the latest technologies for wood-making to boot. Legnatec is also a designer's dream come true because they are able to do small batch production with the best type of Japanese wood available ranging from Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) to other types of wood. 

Nousaku Corporation - Metal
Founded in 1916 and led by its fourth generation owner Mr Katsuji Nousaku, Nousaku Corporation possess the finest techniques of working with metal casting of brass, bronze and even tin. Nousaku Corporation is based in Toyama Prefecture and is very forward looking. Nousaku has produced numerous collections for the finest restaurants, hotels and is also committed in product development even for the medical industry. 

Taniguchi Aoya Washi - Washi Paper
Based in a small Tottori City, Taniguchi Aoya Washi is a lean and mean Washi paper facility. Best known for its washi lamps produced for Nendo, Taniguchi Aoya Washi is admired for its capabilities for producing two and three dimensional washi products as well as washi paper in wonderful flavours like Matcha. 


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