Aspects - An Amuse Bouche Of Singapore Contemporary Artists


An Amuse Bouche Of Singapore Contemporary Artists
Designed by Kelley Cheng, The Press Room

"To create a graphic about Singapore Arts was harder than I thought. As with most designers and artists in Singapore, I am constantly searching for the Singapore identity and questioning what our culture really is. We are multi-cultural as a people, but as individuals, how much of multi-culturalism is in us? And in fact, how much of our own culture in relation to our race do we live out? Perhaps the openness of multi-culturalism is really a personal search of your very own culture, and what influences and inspires you. I decided to create the arts that is close to my heart the contemporary Singapore art and artists that I grew up with, what I have experienced and enjoyed. And I hope that it will bring a little smile to those who have followed the Singapore Arts scene."


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