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A Collaboration between Supermama and The Art Faculty 24cm Porcelain Plate

SUPERMAMA presents our very first collection of giftware featuring works developed from a co-designing process between artists with disabilities and our in-house design team. “SUPERMAMA Social” sale of merchandise from this body of work earns participating artist or social service organisation a royalty*. Every artist is also allowed to resell their merchandise directly through their direct sales channels, providing him/her to a margin substantially higher than royalty, allowing each to work towards financial independence.

(*SUPERMAMA pays the same royalty standards to artists - abled or disabled, for the contribution of artwork.)

About the Artist
Born in 1996, Glenn Phua is a Singaporean artist who was diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum at the age of four. Despite the challenges and struggles, Glenn’s parents never stopped believing in his exceptional gift as an artist. To maximise his potential, he was enrolled in Pathlight School, Singapore’s first autism-focused school that offers mainstream curriculum with life readiness skills. Glenn Phua’s precise drawing methods allude to the expertise of Stephen Wiltshire, the renowned British artist who is also on the autism spectrum. From twenty two of his remarkable pieces presenting world’s renowned skylines and heritage landmarks, this plate features the old Chinatown shophouses here in Singapore.

This porcelain plate is food, dishwasher and microwave safe. 
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Plate stands
 are sold separately.


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