Fairy Feather Pocket Square

By Supermama Store


Takumi Next x Supermama

The Fairy Feather Pocket collection took four years of continuous development and research. This is the world's thinnest yarn-dyed silk fabric thus the name “Fairy Feather”. Made of ultra-fine silk threads with a thinness of 8 denier in diameter, equaling to 1/6 of the diameter of a hair (50 denier).

Thousands of ultra-fine silk threads are woven into the warps on looms to produce this exquisite organdy (ultra-light plain-weave fabric with transparency); it is weightless, yet the softness of the raw silk gently, and surely, cocoons the skin.

In March 2012, just a year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Saiei Orimono Co Ltd won the Monozukuri Japan Grand Award. Founded since 1954 during the golden age of silk industry in Kawamata Japan, the silk produced in this region are known for its luxurious and pure white silk named as the “Kawamata Silk”.

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