Pearl Opera Necklace (90cm)

By Supermama Store

$216.00 $240.00

Pearl, is enough.

The Supermama Freshwater Pearl Opera Necklace is a collaboration with Ishitomo, one of Japan's finest jeweller from Kofu, a town located in Yamanashi prefecture. Kofu, also known as the city of gem is known for its delicate work in crafting and sculpting gems stones.

Each piece comprise of -

  • 90cm long Freshwater Pearl Opera Necklace* with Silver Plated Clasp
  • Each Opera Necklace is encased in a "Supermama" Jewellery case.

*Culturing of pearls is a natural process. Hence, there will be irregularities like wrinkles or bubbles which are birthmarks that grew as part of the pearl. This gives each pearl its unique form and not one pearl is the same.
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