Futagami - Stationery Tray

By IFJ Tradings

Three kinds of brass stationery trays with a crude casting surface, which can be arrayed neatly in a rectangular shape. Can be used as trays for your favorite jewelries.

The small size tray can be used for clips or erasers. The medium size is for name cards or memo papers. And, the large size can be used as a pen or money tray. The upper face of the tray is IHADA-finished, a crude casting surface. The tray gradually changes its color over the course of years due to oxidization. The longer it is used, the richer and subtler it becomes
Small   w87 x d70 x h13mm
Medium   w140 x d87 x h13mm
Large  w210 x d87 x h13mm
Material: Brass
Designed by OJI Masanori, Made by Futagami
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