Artefacts Rikie Shojiguchi - Kumoi (くもい) Glass Vase

By Supermama Store

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Rikie Shojiguchi (小路口 力恵), is a glass artist based in Toyama, Japan. In 2016 she was selected as 富山の匠に選出 (Master of Toyama Prefecture) in the prestigious LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT. She approaches her work with a sense of "seeing with her hands" and her works are known to be やさしく、やわらかく、ここちよい (gentle, delicate, soft and comfortable).

Kumoi (くもい), is a collection of glass vases she produced in collaboration with Supermama's ARTEFACTS TAKUMI series. Each vase features a gentle gradient of varying opacity created by frosting the glass from the lower to upper half of the vase. Kumoi is very inspired by the gentleness of clouds in the sky.

Every piece of glassware is individually hand sculpted, hand worked and blown personally by Rikie.

Each Piece comprises of :

    • Blown Glass


  • All articles measure approximately between (D) 8.0-10.0cm and (H) 6.5cm.
  • Individual packaging box is not included.
  • Product is wrapped in protective foam layers. 

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