Good Citizens Embroidery - Garang Guni Uncle
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Good Citizens Embroidery - Garang Guni Uncle


Good Citizens EmbroideryåÊ

Designed by Sokkuan Tye

Good Citizens of Singapore is a collection of embroidery inspired by citizens from all walks of life in our society. It features the homegrown "Ah Lian" and "Ah Beng", who are commonly known to have boisterous mannerism and are fond of squatting and talking loudly; the labourious "Garang Guni Uncle" and the "Construction worker" who contributed to our society with their sweat; the well-known "Tiger Mum" depicting the over-enthusiastic mother who pushes her child on the route to excellence as well as the lovely "Singapore Girls" of Singapore Airlines; the lesser-known yet everyday characters namely the "Kopitiam Uncle" who specialises in freshly brewed coffee, the "Office Lady" (aka OL in short), the "Malay Auntie" and the "Chinese Monk cum Busker" who are commonly seen in the local markets. What makes a "Good Citizen"? The artist Sokkuan Tye believes that every citizen is good and while one's characteristics could be stereotyped, it is afterall just a stereotype. An "Ah Lian" may not make the cut to be a role model" but it does not make her any lesser as a person and for that matter, a good citizen of our society.