Indigo Dyed Cedar Wood Coaster

By Supermama Store


Takumi Next x Supermama

Tokushima prefecture is Japan's biggest domestic producer of indigo plant. Unlike painted wood, Dairi Lumber Co Ltd products exhibit a rich blue that still allows the natural wood grains to show using natural ingredients.

The coasters are made with Tokushima cedar completed with a natural oil paint coating to prevent the indigo dye from staining other surfaces.

The set of cups are made of Japanese Cypress (Hinoki). Highly therapeutic Hinoki Japanese Cypress (Chamaecyparis Obtusa) is known for its fresh, delicate fragrance that possess strong immune boosting and stress-releasing effects that calm autonomic nerve activity, reduce irregular pulse rate and relax the body. This encourages a good nights sleep, best served with hot green tea or sake where Hinoki wood are also known to enhance the taste and scent of green tea and sake after prolong uses. Coaster and cups are sold separately. 

2 pieces. 

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