Ito Bindery - Memo Block

By Supermama Store


The memo blocks are handled with care throughout production, from the initial material selection to the finishing process. There are three size available – the small is a perfect square, the medium is a rectangle, and the large is a long rectangle. All three sizes of the memo blocks come in three colors – white, black and gray. The red memo block, originally developed as a Christmas exclusive but added to the permanent collection, is only available in small. Choose the color and size that suits your work space the best!

The black memo block is a sleek notepad that is made with, as the name implies, black sheets of paper. It may seem a bit difficult to use, however you can write on this block with pencil, white colored pencil or gel pen. When you use pencil, your writing will appear silver! Stationery made with black paper is a bit rare – its sure to be a conversation starter, and it also might inspire you to change what you write down.



Memo Block S (107x107mm, 350 sheets)

Memo Block M (150x107mm, 350 sheets)

Memo Block L (257x75mm, 350 sheets)



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