Kebaya Bleu Table Runner

By Supermama Store


In collaboration with Anything Apron, Japan.

Founded in 2000, Anything Apron creates original maekake (a traditional Japanese apron) that was created hundreds of years ago for staff working in rice shops.

Using indigo-dye and cotton weaving, it creates a thick canvas to prevent the user from heat and also possibly any injuries as well. A traditional Mizuhiki knot  on the packaging also symbolises the tying method around the waist of the maekake.


Inspired by the traditional Southeast Asian batik motifs, Kebaya Bleu™ is a heritage mark meticulously created to reflect Singapore’s deep historical roots as part of the vast Malay Archipelago.

Traditionally made by a stamping technique or by a hand-drawn method known as "canting", the motifs and patterns are given a modern reinterpretation to reflect our forward-looking aspirations and ideals.

The floral motifs and botanical patterns intricately lined by dots are symbolic of the many distinct cultures being weaved as one. How different ethnicities coalesced into a single Singaporean identity is nothing short of a modern day cultural marvel.

This marks the birth of Kebaya Bleu™.

Designed by Supermama, Made in Japan

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