KOBO Collection - The Orchid Tray (Vanda Kwa Geok Choo)

By Supermama Store


The Orchid Tray
The Vanda Kwa Geok Choo (Single Piece)

The design of the Singapore Orchid trays is inspired by Singapore's three orchid hybrids namely Vanda Miss Joaquim, the national flower, Aranda Lee Kuan Yew and Vanda Kwa Geok Choo. The Aranda Lee Kuan Yew is well-matched with the Vanda Kwa Geok Choo, in terms of colour, form and stature, much like the relationship our founding father shared with his wife. The Singapore Orchid trays are created through a meticulous metal casting process in Japan and are classic and timeless as gifts.

Colours available for pre-order are namely Gold and Silver. Please email us at (info@supermama.sg) to make an order. Pre-orders will be confirmed and notified via email. 

Designed by Supermama

Made in Niigata, Japan


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