Marumi Yasuda Kawara Kogyo Sake Set

By Supermama Store


Takumi Next x Supermama

Made by the "reductional firing" which burns tiles at high temperature of 1200 Centigrade or higher, it is a hard and heavy-duty tile with low water absorption, superb insulation and cold resistance. The tableware is named "TSUKI" as the unique color of the tile called iron-color and the crimpled appearance look like the "tsuki", a Japanese word for the moon, and crafted in Agano, Niigata. The irregular surface unique to Yasuda Kawara Tiles is grippy so it is easy to handle and catches foods excellently, enabling you to arrange food items beautifully.

This collection won the Good Design Award in 2017. Designed by Satoshi Umeno, Umenodesign. Marumi Yasuda Kawara Kogyo Corporation products promote the Kawara culture in Japan. The colours of the cups and plates are inspired by the Japanese roofing tiles.

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