Minamo Water Surfaced Plate

By Supermama Store


Takumi Next x Supermama

Water that you'll want to spill on the table. Minamo is a metal plate that captures the glittering surface of water using a combination of craftsmanship and technology. Although it's considered highly difficult to replicate the complex yet gentle curves, a team of designers managed to pull it off using a combination of computer simulation, digital moulds utilising 3D modeling tools, and metal stamping techniques from a small factory.

Minamo works with any cuisine and adds a magical atmosphere to any table. The word minamo comes the ancient reading of 水面, meaning water surface in Japanese.

Designed by Esai Shibagaki, made of Stainless steel with chrome mirror finish. Please use hand-wash with detergent and sponge when cleaning, avoid scraping with any scouring pad.

Individual Piece 

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