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Mizuiro Vegetabo Crayon (10 Piece Set)


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Vegetabo Crayon is a brand with 60 years of history that makes crayon from rice and vegetables. 

The main ingredient - Rice wax is made with rice bran and oil. By adding vegetable powder, not only it gives off the colours but also adds texture into the crayons. The vegetable powder were from discarded vegetable batches to reduce waste. Colour pigments (food safe colouring) are also added to enhance the colours of this crayon set as well.

All components are organic and eco-friendly
Keep away from heat and humidity
Last up to 2 years

10 Piece Set Crayon
Cabbage (Dark Green)
Leek (Light Green)
Yam (Off white)
Burdock (Brown)
Corn (Yellow)
Carrot (Orange)
Apple (Red)
Cassis (Burgundy)
Purple Potato (Purple)
Bamboo (Almost Black)