Myhanabi H2

By Supermama Store


Takumi Next x Supermama

Produced by IGM Inc, this golf ball is produced with extremely delicate technology that is considered the best in Japan. The Hanabi dimples divert the air flow obliquely, bringing the separation boundary region to the leeward side and decreasing the air resistance, thereby increasing the ball's flight distance. In addition,it has few side spins, and it responds to all swings with a strong response.

Only by emphasizing the edge, the ability to reduce air resistance is fully demonstrated. If this becomes smooth, its effect can not be obtained sufficiently. As with other balls, the final coating has been applied, so the durability against scratches and dirt is comparable to general balls. The golf ball collection is produced and manufactured in Kagawa prefecture, Japan.

3 pieces pack Spin: less / Feeling: Soft
Recommended head speed: 42m / s or less
R & A / USGA Certified Ball

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