PLYWOOD laboratory - Block Ridge

By Supermama Store


PLYWOOD laboratory is a factory brand of plywood products by the long-established plywood manufacturer Takizawa Plywood in Hokkaido. Using Paper-Wood that it developed uniquely in 2009 as the main material, it manufactures products carefully with its advanced woodworking skills in Asahikawa, one of the largest furniture production areas in Japan. Paper-Wood is a plywood that has colorful and beautiful cross section born of an innovative method involving the lamination of colored recycled paper and wood grown in Hokkaido.

The production area has the potential of new designs by creators active in Japan and overseas, an appealing expression that other materials do not possess, and a self-sufficiency in materials production to processing within Hokkaido. PLYWOOD laboratory sends out splendid and appealing products that are available nowhere else in the world.

This 3D puzzle is played by arranging 3D graphics that protrude due to the height difference born of the sloped surfaces.

Color : bluegreen/redorange

Material : Paper-Wood

Designed by DRILL DESIGN

Made by Takizawa Veneer, Japan

Photos credit to PLYWOOD laboratory 

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