Sasaki Kogei - Glasses Case

By Supermama Store


A glasses case carefully made by craftsmen one by one. 
Made of wood yet has carefully crafted details such as a lid that opens smoothly and a leather construction on the inner side which stops your glasses getting damaged. 
The inner side has a built-in magnet that keeps the lid securely shut. Also, it won't open up easily in your bag for peace of mind.

This wood product may become misshapen due to the effects of humidity and temperature. It may become warped,​ cracked etc. when used in places with high temperatures & humidity or in places with strong sunlight. Therefore,​ be careful where you use and store this item.



A - Walnut, B - Oak



173 x 65 x 40mm



[A] Wood product walnut,​ [B] Wood product oak


Made by Sasaki Kogei, Hokkaido. 

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