Silk Scarf Blue

By Supermama Store


Takumi Next x Supermama

Only 17% of the entire cocoon production produces raw silk that are usable. As the remaining 83% are usually discarded, "Ehime Silk Project" was first introduced in 2016 by REBIRTH Project Trading Co Ltd to help uterlise these 83% of unusable silk. By upcycling them, this creates a reintroduction to the silk industry and products.

In REBIRTH Project Trading Co Ltd, artists and producers come together to try and solve current social issues in the fields of clothing, food and housing, education, art and town development. With the aim to contribute to regional development, they hope to achieve a more sustainable society by creating new business models in the region known as a “regional trading company” while working with mass discarded or unused raw materials, resources and techniques.

Blue Silk Scarf (1 piece only). 

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