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Singapore Architecture - Changi / Katong (15cm Porcelain Plate)


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Singapore Architecture
Changi / Katong Plate
Singapore River used to be the centre of trade, commerce and finance. Paying tribute to the River that has helped develop our architectural landscape and economy, 5 different plates of architectural scenes in Singapore are designed, using the river as a connecting point between the plates. A modular system is invented to allow collectors to mix and match the plates, adding an element of fun to the collecting process, forming their own unique Singapore landscape!
The book details the stories and little known facts about the various architecture and elements in the Singapore Architecture collection. 

Changi | Katong
Katong is a residential area in the eastern part of Singapore located near the seafront. Its rich cultural mix contributed to its very unique cuisine and is recognized for its restaurants serving Peranakan food. One of the most popular food is the Katong Laksa, a local hawker noodle dish, to be eaten with a spoon and not chopsticks.
    • 15cm Porcelain Small Plate
    • Booklet
    • Packaging Box

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Designed by Ella Zheng
Made in Arita, Japan

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