Siwa - Coin Case with Snap Button

By Supermama Store


Siwa, made in 2008, utilizes "Naoron," an unbreakable paper developed by the paper-sliding-door manufacturer, Onao, and is designed by the industrial designer, Mr. Naoto Fukasawa. Siwa products are currently sold in more than 20 countries.

Heavy items can be placed inside. Has been tested for loads of up to 10kg. 

Even wet items such as umbrellas can be put inside without fear of it tearing.

Material: Hard Naoron

Hard naoron is a paper created using the washi-suki paper manufacturing method from recycled polyester fibers from used plastic bottles. While having the distinctive texture of paper, it does not tear easily and is highly water-resistant.


Measurements: H77 X W82 mm 

Weight: 12 g 

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