Supermama x OurSG
Limited Edition State Crest Set

By Supermama Store

Supermama x OurSG 
Limited Edition State Crest Porcelain Set

On 3 Dec 1959, our National Flag, National Anthem and State Crest were unveiled. 60 years on, they continue to embody the soul of Singapore. A limited edition porcelain set inspired by, and in celebration of our National Symbols. Did you know that the State Crest was designed by a team led by then-Deputy Prime Minister Dr Toh Chin Chye? There is also no noticeable crown in our State Crest because we are a Republic, not a monarchy.

15cm Plate, 10.8cm Sauce Plate and 5cm Chopstick Rest 
Food and Dishwasher safe.

Made in Japan
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