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Uchiko Town | Foldable Hexagon Stationery Holder

Uchiko Town | Foldable Hexagon Stationery Holder

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Easy to assemble. This beautiful yuzen pattern container is good for a pen stand.

On this hand-dyed yuzen paper, multiple colors are screen printed. It features classical patterns with modern touches, boldly and delicately designed based on traditional Japanese kimono nature patterns including beautiful scenery. Many of these bright, rich colors and traditional patterns signify good fortune. This paper can be used for a variety of purposes, from decorating boxes and walls to wrapping. This paper uses Echizen washi produced in Echizen City (Fukui Prefecture, Japan). Washi from this area is designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan, and has an established reputation for high quality. Yuzen washi is hand dyed color by color, creating a certain amount of variations in patterns and colors. This gives it flavor, and is a characteristic of hand-dyed products.

Measurements: H10.5 x W7.5cm

Made by Taniguchi from Kyoto, Japan