An Egg-shaped, wooden cup that fits gently in your hands. 
Designed by Ono Rina and produced by Takahashi Kougei in 2010.

Using a thin shaving technology to form the round curvatures of the cup with Linden (also known as Tilia Wood), 
the curve of the cup is familiar to an egg that is gentle in your hand.

About Takahashi Kougei
Founded in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, in 1965 by Shoichi Takahashi, a lathe worker. Originally produced mostly table legs and ornamental pillars. With the downturn in the domestic furniture market, Takahashi Kougei launched in the 1980s the production of wood cups and sugar pots using lathes, becoming the founder of the Asahikawa group of wood tableware makers. Creating simple and functional tableware using mainly Hokkaido-grown trees while preserving the look and feel of wood, enabling them to blend naturally into the contemporary lifestyle.

Takahashi Kougei is known for its delicate products made using highly sophisticated woodturning techniques passed down from earlier generations.
It offers simple wooden wares that fit effortlessly into modern lifestyles. Watch the following video to see how the they achieve the wood spinning process : 

手仕事が生む、木のうつわ | 北海道・高橋工芸 from D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT on Vimeo.