What We Do

Supermama is a design brand and museum store that has become an integral part of Singapore's cultural landscape. Located at 213 Henderson Road, it presents a unique blend of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, bringing Singapore's rich heritage to a wide audience.

The concept of giving is central to Supermama, which believes that good design, familiar stories, and fine craftsmanship make exceptional gifts. Renowned for 'Singapore Blue’, a distinctive line of cobalt blue and white porcelain wares crafted with the kilns of Arita (Japan), the brand embodies this philosophy. Notably, the 'Singapore Icons' collection, a celebrated part of the Singapore Blue line, was awarded the President’s Design Award, Singapore’s highest design accolade. Since its inception in 2010, Supermama has worked with over 100 Singaporean designers, artists, and Japanese crafts facilities, bringing together a diverse array of skills and artistic perspectives.

Supermama's influence extends beyond the realms of art, design, and retail. The brand plays a crucial role in Singapore's cultural discourse, acting as both a contributor and narrator of the nation's evolving material culture. Through its carefully curated products, Supermama narrates the Singapore story – one that is rich in heritage, innovation, and continual transformation.

(Photo of Singapore Icons, our first porcelain collection which bagged the President's Design Award in 2013, this collection was presented to President Dr. Tony Tan during the award ceremony.)