What We Do

Supermama is a Singapore design and lifestyle goods brand.

Founded in 2010, we seek to provide museum-like respite to the busyness of urban life.

What started off as a couple's decision to steal time away from work for their young children has evolved into Singapore's go-to source for locally designed homeware and souvenirs.

The concept of giving is central in Supermama. We believe that good stories, good design and good crafts make good gifts.

From our classic “Made in Arita Japan” blue white porcelain, to contemporary tableware, every piece Supermama produces is made by some of the finest craftsmen in Asia, whilst exhibiting a distinctly Singaporean design sensibility.

In 2013, Supermama’s signature cobalt blue and white porcelain collection titled “Singapore Icons” was awarded the President’s Design Award - the foremost design accolade in Singapore.

Supermama is honoured to be appointed as our National Museums' retail partner. Our National Museums - both the National Museum of Singapore and the Asian Civilisations Museum, are treasure coves of Singapore's heritage and history. With this appointment, we hope to continue to create works which resonate with Singaporeans and at the same time, enrich the museum-going experience for both Singaporeans and overseas visitors. 

(Photo of Singapore Icons, our first porcelain collection which bagged the President's Design Award in 2013, this collection was presented to President Dr. Tony Tan during the award ceremony.)