The Singapore Blue Collection

Blue-and-white porcelain has been embedded in Singapore's history for hundreds of years, tracing back to her origins as a thriving trading settlement between the East and the West. As we reflect on our heritage to chart the future, this timeless craft is a window through which we explore the island's inimitable spirit - delving into the sights, sensibilities, and stories that have stirred our hearts.

Singapore Blue is an ode to this kaleidoscopic nation through the poetry of porcelain. Our collection spans across three themes: everyday motifs and icons; personal narratives and experiences; as well as collaborations with international artists. Each objet d’art is unified in its contemplation of local identity, illuminating fascinating facets of this city-state.

Every masterpiece has been created with reverence, endowed with simplicity and its maker’s sincerity. Conceived with utmost care for craftsmanship, our inaugural collection was awarded the President’s Design Award, the foremost design accolade in the country.