Japanese Crafts

"The spirit of 'productsmanship', is much like the spirit of craftsmanship, which refers to the quality of the design that is created with a high level of skill. 'Productsmanship' implies well-designed manufactured objects that are of the same high quality as hand-made articles." - Sori Yanagi (1983)

In early 2017, I visited the Japan Folk Crafts Museum (also known as Mingei-kan) for the first time and was re-introduced to the philosophy of Mingei. A philosophy I was attracted to between 2004-2008 when Japanese design through Muji, was shaping the design scene.

The idea of the unknown designer/maker, producing honest, stripped to bare, no fancy, no frills products was mind-blowing and complete antithesis of consumerism today. So, as we mature as a label, I was hoping to carry a range of Japanese crafts that showcases the innate beauty of material. I'm proud and happy to carry these pieces in Supermama. Some are hand-made, some machine-made but most, combines the magic of machines and the human hand.