Otters Rice Grain Porcelain

Inspired by Jingdezhen's traditional rice grain porcelain, but with a local twist, the otter rice grain porcelain is an embodiment of the Singaporean spirit. A pair of smooth-coated otters — playful critters that have captured the hearts of many Singaporeans — has been imprinted at the well of the blue-and-white porcelain. The illustration drew reference from our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's social media post of a pair of wild otters frolicking in the waters in Singapore Botanic Gardens. A family unit, the twin otters in the centre of the otter-rice grain porcelain stand for togetherness and is also an ode to the prodigious growth that Singapore has experienced as a nation.

Of Motifs and Symbols

  •  Bat - Good Fortune
  •  工 - labour, diligence
  • Border motif design - good health, longevity, wealth and peace
  • Rice grain pattern - a good meal
  • Otters - a symbol of togetherness, unity and community

Located in Southeastern China, Jingdezhen is famed for its production of imperial porcelain, which dates back over a thousand years. The city’s signature rice grain porcelain is also known as 玲珑 (Ling Long), which means ‘exquisite’ in Chinese. It takes a lengthy period of time to master the technique of punching in the grain-shaped apertures, as well as hand stamping the cobalt blue ink with precision. Shine a light over each ware and you’ll discover a soft glow. Ling Long Porcelain is today only made in the Guangming Porcelain Factory — a kiln that traces back to the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644).

Beauty in Imperfection

Rooted in Japan’s folk craft (mingei) philosophy, our Otters Rice Grain Porcelain is made for everyday use. The heart behind mingei is to create objects for the people, and a guiding principle is sobutsu (‘rough around the edges’ in Japanese), for each ware is made wholeheartedly by hand. Irregularities are prized, as they not only reflect the maker’s touch but detail how each porcelain is unique in its own way. Our Otters Rice Grain Porcelain has been made with devotion, and we hope that it will be deeply embedded into your daily life.