TY Anise Plate
TY Anise Plate
TY Anise Plate
TY Anise Plate

TY Anise Plate


1616 Arita Anise Collection 

The Anise Bowl and Anise Plate is a new series from the TY Standard series, launched in the year 2020. Name of Anise is comes from octagon and in various beliefs, the number 8 is well known for symbol of resurrection, completion and prosperity. There are two size in plate and bowl each item and it is possible to stack.


About 1616/ Arita Japan TY Series

Following the tradition of Arita pottery, Teruhiro Yanagihara developed a new series of ceramics using the traditional technique of clay made of crushed stone, though in a different composition. The result is a high-density kind of clay that makes the pottery items extremely strong and heat and stain-resistant, even without glaze.

Product Information:

Available in 2 sizes : 

  • Plate 150 (S): (D)15cm (H)2cm
  • Plate 220 (L): (D)22cm (H)2cm


  • Porcelain, Made in Arita, Japan. 
  • Food safe, Dishwasher safe, Microwave and Oven safe.