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From Another Time - Farquhar's Neverland (1819-1860)


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Farquhar's Neverland (1819 - 1860)

Designed by MessyMsxi

While we often credit Sir Stamford Raffles as Singapore‰۪s founder, much of the work of developing and managing the island was done by William Farquhar and other East India Company administrators. MessyMsxi‰۪s fictional banknote features William Farquhar with his beloved pets. The banknote reflects the economic significance of Singapore as a trading outpost for the British empire while its content reflects a different side of William Farquhar ‰ÛÒ his love for flora and fauna. The illustration style of the animals and landscape was inspired by the Natural History Drawings painted by unknown Chinese artists whom William Farquhar commissioned between 1819 and 1823.

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